Here's what people are saying...

 "The small group setting was wonderful as we were able to make valuable connections with other students. I appreciated the honest, clear feedback that you gave. Your course ignited a desire in me to teach more clearly and simply. Since completing the course, the classes that I teach are better planned and more meaningful for the students.

The thing I enjoy most about you is your authenticity. You shared some personal stories that let us see your journey as a teacher and get to know you as the bright spark that you are.

Thank you so much"

- R. Walker

"This retreat was amazing. You are an incredible yoga teacher and because of your precious help, I am now always conscious about my pelvic tilt, the way I breathe and I am now able to do a wall assisted handstand very gracefully. My body has gotten so strong as well as my desire to spend time on my mat. You have helped me reach the next level in my practice. Your sensible ear and calming presence also added immense value to this retreat. You are a one-of-a-kind person, yoga teacher and friend."

- J. Leblanc

"Thank you Misha for all the wisdom and knowledge you taught us over the last 4 weeks. I really appreciate your honest and direct approach in coaching/teaching. I found the constructive feedback you gave us to be very beneficial, powerful and eye opening. This course helped me find my voice and confidence as a teacher. I will continue to work on weaving in my philosophy in my classes, as well as practice holding space and connecting with my students. Thanks again Misha!"


- A. Stephenson

"Misha always comes prepared with a plan when she leads a class through practice. Most of her classes I attend have sequences that open up certain areas of your body as to help lead you into a peak pose. She cues poses and adjustments in a way that your mind and body understand. I have taken away numerous small adjustments from her cues that have not only improved my yoga practice but have improved my life practice as well. " 


- D. Nixon 

“If you want to push yourself beyond what you thought possible then Misha on retreat is your answer. I have never felt such a connection between movement, thought and environment.

This isn’t a plug in and play retreat, but rather a seven day transformation that builds your confidence through mindful movement, which is tied directly to the environment of being away in Mexico. I am a better human because of this experience. When can we sign up for the next one?”

- M. Halliday, 

"This was an amazing, helpful, useful and challenging course. Thanks to Misha's guidance, I am more confident, my voice projection is steadier, and I am able to incorporate philosophy with far greater coherence. Using strategies I learned from Misha I have already scored my first studio teaching gig, just a week after training finished. THANK YOU MISHA!!"

- H. John

"The week away was incredible! I had the best time with amazing company. Misha I loved your classes you have a beautiful and calm approach and plan your classes beautifully. Wish Vancouver was closer!"

- P. Kyriacou