Shoulder Stability, Shoulder Mobility!

Shoulder Stability, Shoulder Mobility! 

The shoulder joint is quite complex and amongst yogis, tends to be a common area of injury. In this workshop we will look at basic anatomy, as well as general functions of the shoulder. We will then explore through movement, how to practice intelligently; not only how to keep the shoulder supported but also how to find the most amount of freedom and ease from that place of stability.

This workshop is for anyone looking to deepen their knowledge of the shoulder and gain a greater understanding of how to move mindfully in their yoga practice.

This workshop is open to all levels.

Saturday, November 9th, 2019 from 1215-3pm at What Lab

Breaking Down Backbends; A practice for your hips and heart

Breaking Down Backbends- A practice for your hips and heart


For many of us backbending can be scary to explore. Not only does it take courage to lean into the unknown and allow yourself to be vulnerable, it also requires anatomically that your body be properly prepared.


Join Misha for this two hour practice where we will identify the key components to backbending, and look at how to move in a way that we feel connected, stable and free to express.


This workshop is for all levels.

Sunday, March 11th, 2018 from 130-330pm at Semperviva Kits Beach Studio

Afternoon Delight

Afternoon Delight- with Persia Juliet


Join Misha and Persia for an extended experience on the 4th Chakra- Anahata.

Misha will be leading a Heart-based Flow, followed by Yin of the Heart with Persia. A guided meditation will be offered along with journaling questions of inquiry.

Not only is the Heart the Meridian of Summer, it’s also the gateway to manifestation and a full colour life.

Dive in and treat yourself to this incredible experience, with teachers who between them have 19 years dedicated to the field. Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to play and create all while connecting deeply with your heart.

This workshop is for all levels.

Saturday, August 26th, 2017 from 2-4pm at Semperviva Kits Beach Studio 

Teaching With Purpose: A Four Week Series


To create a well-balanced yoga class, there are many layers that need to be considered; the pace, the energy, the philosophy and the sequence, just to name a few. As a yoga teacher, one of the more challenging aspects of teaching is being able to deliver these layers so that they make sense for our students. For a lot of teachers, delivering philosophy can be particularly tough and although creating a sequence that embodies the philosophy can be a great teaching tool, it can also be very difficult to do. 

For this 4 week program the focus will be on how to develop and deliver potent philosophy as well as how to create an intelligent sequence so that it all weaves together seamlessly. We will also look at how to use your voice, active cueing and the energy that you bring all with an intention of transforming your teaching. 

Each participant will arrive with a class already prepared. After receiving guidance on how to refine their class, they will have an opportunity to teach to the group as well as receive on the spot coaching and feedback from Misha. 

This program is for any 200 hour graduate, looking to develop and refine their teaching skills. 

This program is a module of the Semperviva Yoga AYTT program. 

For 200 hour Yoga Alliance certified teachers the course is eligible for 12 hours CEU with Yoga Alliance. Continuing Education Units are required to maintain your status as a Registered Yoga Teacher.

March 19th & 26th, April 2nd & 9th, 2017 from 1245-345pm at Semperviva Sun Studio

An Evening of Yoga and Music to Fill your Heart

An Evening of Yoga and Music to Fill your Heart- with David Beckingham

Join Misha and David on a two-hour journey of connection; as Misha leads you through a dynamic Vinyasa practice, balanced out with the softer side of Yin yoga- David will serenade you with the sweet sounds of his music. Spend the evening reconnecting with yourself in a space full of music and love.

This class is for all levels.

Saturday, February 11th, 2017 from 8-10pm at Semperviva City Studio